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Type #5: The Nice Guy; He never makes you feel insecure or uncertain, never plays hard to get, never makes you doubt how he feels about you. It?s a shame that we need to explain this one, and yet we know how hard it can be to date a true romantic sweetheart, at least at first. ?A woman won?t be used to the frequency and consistency of affection nice guys give, since most other guys who are playing the dating game don?t do that?. Even so, I advise that women get used to the nice guys, and quick. Why? Because once you?ve had the good stuff (a guy who calls when he says he will; a guy who wants to see you more often as he gets to know you), you won?t stand for anything less. At the same time, that doesn?t necessarily mean you should start sending out the wedding invites after a few months. ?Just because he?s nice doesn?t necessarily mean he?s the right guy?. ?He might rate low in terms of romantic chemistry, because he lacks the edge that creates the kind of surprise, passion, and excitement that all people want in their lives.? Of course, the key is finding the man who has everything you want?until then, however, go ahead and try everything and don?t worry so much about whether you?ve found Mr. Right. Trust me, he?s out there. In the meantime, have fun and enjoy your life! While most women have dated all of these types, they most highly recommend The Nice Guy.

Oraly Yours,
Oral_whiz XOXO Big HUGS
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I doubt it. Nice guys end up last...Cmon we all know that women love the bad boys...i had more women around me as a bad boy then now when I have cleaned up my act.The women then were sexy, hot and wonderful to be with. But only the sex was good...nothing in the top department
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wuz up i could make you feel really secure